World Maritime Conference 2019 (WMC-2019)
★ Program Layout

World Maritime Conference 2019

Theme: New Era, New Technology, New Maritime
Time: October 20-22, 2019
Venue: Shanghai, China


Stream 1: Plenary Conferences
Part 1: Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Keynote Forum
Part 3: High-end Dialog
Part 4: Decision Makers Forum

Stream 2: Parallel Forums
Forum 1:
World Maritime Economy Forum

  1. Latest Trend of World Maritime Economy
  2. Shipping Economy and Policy
  3. Port Economy
  4. Shipbuilding Economy
  5. Maritime International Cooperation

Forum 2: Maritime University President Forum

  1. Representative of American University President
  2. Representative of European University President
  3. Representative of Asian University President
  4. Representative of Chinese University President

Forum 3: Green & Sustainable Shipping and Management
Session 3-1: Latest Trends of Green Shipping & Shipping Sustainability
Session 3-2: Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Technologies in Innovative Shipping
Session 3-3: Internet + Shipping & Smart Shipping
Session 3-4: GIS, Satellite Navigation, Remote Sensing Technologies for Shipping
Session 3-5: Green Shipping and Marine Environmental Protection

  1. New Policies and Regulations of Green Shipping
  2. Clean Energy and Green Shipping
  3. Marine Environmental Pollution and Treatment
  4. Marine Biofouling Control and Management
  5. New Technologies and Future Development Trend of Shipping Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Session 3-6: Nanotech and Nanomaterials for Green Shipping
Session 3-7: Maritime Communication Technology
Session 3-8: Clean Energy and Green Shipping
Session 3-9: Shipping Company Management
Session 3-10: Maritime Logistics Management

Forum 4: Port, Transportation and Logistics

  1. Port Infrastructure and Engineering
  2. New Development Trends of Port and Shipping Logistics
  3. Port Tug
  4. Smart Port Operation and Integrated Port Management
  5. Port Logistics and International Cooperation
  6. Internationalization Strategy of Logistics Enterprises
  7. Multimodal Transportation
  8. Supply Chain Development

Forum 5: Ship Design, Construction and Repair and Recycling

  1. Future Ship Design
  2. Green Shipbuilding
  3. Yacht Design and Construction
  4. Cruise Design and Construction
  5. Icebreaker Design and Construction
  6. Ship Repair
  7. Ship Recycling

Forum 6: Maritime Law, Finance and Insurance

Session 6-1:Maritime International Conventions, Standards, Norms
Session 6-2 Recent Developments in Maritime Law
Session 6-3 Maritime Arbitration, Competition Law
Session 6-4 Maritime Insurance
Session 6-5 Maritime Finance and Insurance

Forum 7: Maritime Energy Management

  1. Energy Efficient Ship Design and Operation
  2. Energy Management in Ports and Shipyards
  3. Oil and Gas
  4. Low Sulfur Oil
  5. Novel Shipping Fuels Energy
  6. Saving and Emission Reduction

Forum 8: Maritime Safety and Security

  1. Tanker Safety
  2. Marine Passenger Safety
  3. Maritime/Port Emergency Management and Emergency Technology
  4. Sea/port Anti-terrorism and Anti-piracy
  5. Salvage and Rescue
  6. Marine Fire Prevention
  7. Nautical Security, Navigation Mark Setting and Management
  8. Quality Certification

Forum 9: Maritime Education

  1. International Seafarer Qualification Certificate and Examination
  2. Continuing education and training for international seafarers
  3. Deep Diving Education and Training
  4. Maritime University Education Innovation

Forum 10: International Maritime Management

  1. International Maritime Convention
  2. Maritime Registration
  3. Maritime Port State Control
  4. International Maritime Bureau
  5. Maritime Management
  6. Ship Survey and Management

Forum 11: Cruises, Yachts and Leisure Tourism

  1. Cruise Tour along the Belt and Road
  2. Cruise Home Port Construction, Navigation and Management
  3. Cruise Ship Supply Model Innovation
  4. Yacht Club Building and Marina Management
  5. Yacht Use and Management

Forum 12: Marine Culture and Arts Forum

  1. Culture and Arts along the Maritime Silk Road
  2. Marine Culture Creative Design
  3. Rescue and Protection of Marine Cultural and Artistic Heritage

Forum 13: Round-table Conference

  1. International Shipowners' Meeting
  2. International Classification Society Meeting
  3. International  Port Association Meeting
  4. International Captains Meeting

Stream 3: Marine High-end Talents and Project Matchmaking Fair

  1. Talent Policies Briefing
  2. Key Park Enterprises Briefing
  3. Project Roadshow
  4. Free Negotiation and Docking
Stream 4: Posters and Exhibition

Stream 5: Social and Cultural Activities

Activity 1: Ice Breaking Party
Activity 2: Welcome Banquet and Cultural Shows
Activity 3: "Shanghai Night" Business Exchange
Activity 4: Lecture Tours to Campus
Activity 5: Media Interview
Activity 6: Live TV Broadcast
Activity 7: Field Trip to Industrial Park and Companies
Activity 8: Post-Conference Tour
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Hosting Organization

Co-Hosting Organizations

International Shipping Federation, ISF

The Royal Institute of Navigation

China Shipowners' Association

Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China

China Classification Society
China Port Association
China Rescue & Salvage of Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China
China Waterborne Transport Research Institute
China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center
Tianjin Research Institute for Water Transport Engineering
China Marine Fire Protection Association
China Highway and Transportation Society

Operating Organization
Official Travel Agency
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